Happy 5th Birthday to us!

Feel Yourself Campaign is five years old today!

We are celebrating our birthday by reminding you how valuable you are, and how important it is to have a good feel of your bits. Boys and girls both need to check the mammaries, and boys also need to have a feel down below. The earlier any lumps and bumps are checked out by a doctor, the better. Don’t be afraid – be aware.

As we head in to the next five years, we’ll continue our work on raising awareness for breast and testicular cancer in the under 50s, who don’t get regular screening. Since we started we’ve been to festivals like Victorious, won an award alongside Earth, Wool and Fire for yarnbombing the tank outside the D Day Museum in Southsea, we have our own show radio show on Lush FM with sets from Altern 8’s Mark Archer and OB1 amongst others, we have been supported by music events like Gland Rock and an all day metal gig at the Deco, had a night of opera dedicated to us, played with Rocker Soccer, received donations from the AC/DC Christmas Number One campaign, given talks in schools, colleges, universities and at private functions, attended sporting events that lovely volunteers have entered for us, held several fundraising nights like Battle of the Sexes and our Christmas quiz, and taught people how to check themselves using our special boobs and balls. We’ve been through three sets of boobs and two sets of balls, so that’s a lot of feeling in five years!

If you want to help you can raise money through our Just Giving page, you can share our posts and most importantly, you can remind others to feel themselves. You have made this campaign what it is, and we thank you from the bottom of our boobs and balls for spreading the word.

Happy Feeling day.