OK, so we joke about it regularly, but let’s be honest – men do generally feel themselves in the target area quite often. But the kind of feeling you need to do to check for cancer is a bit different to your usual kind of touching.

Of the 2,400 new cases of testicular cancer diagnosed in 2014, over 47% of cases were in men under the age of 35, with ages 30-34 seeing the highest incidence rates. Since the late 1990s, new cases of testicular cancer have increased by 28%, and like breast cancer no one is absolutely certain why it is on the increase, although life style factors are thought to play a part.


However, survival rates have gone up from 6% in the 1960s to a staggering 98% now, and treatment is most effective if the cancer is caught early – this is why you need to check yourself regularly and properly for lumps. You are your first line of defence, and it really is the difference between life and death for men.

Here at Feel Yourself we think life is short, beautiful, and you should enjoy yourself as much as possible. We don’t want anyone to live in fear of cancer, but we do want everyone to be aware. Be aware of the statistics and the risk factors and what they might mean to you, but more importantly, be aware of yourself. Know how you should feel, both inside and out.


If you notice any changes in your general well-being, your body, or find any lumps, report them to your GP immediately. Awareness is crucial in early diagnosis, and early diagnosis is often crucial in successful treatment, so make sure you feel yourself and make sure you know how you should feel. 

The reason we recommend checking yourself weekly is that we want you to make self-awareness an important part of your health or beauty routine, as normal to you as plucking your eyebrows, having a long bath with candles, trimming your nasal hair, painting your toenails, or any of the other things you might get up to alone – or with your partner – in the bathroom.


Don’t be afraid of cancer, be aware of it.