If you only reblog one thing today, please make it this

For the last two and a bit years, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with somebody who just so happened to develop breast cancer.

It didn’t define her, but what did was her resolve in the face of what is, for many of us, an illness we or somebody we know will experience in their lifetime.

We’ve all heard of breast cancer, and probably seen the pink logo associated with it, but did you know that men can also develop breast cancer? 

It makes sense really, given that we do have breast tissue too.

What’s staggering is just how few people know male breast cancer exists, or how to spot it.

The Feel Yourself campaign seeks to raise awareness of cancer in young adults of any gender, and this October they’re planning a campaign to tackle the falsity that only women can get breast cancer.

#FeelBroSelf aims to use this Breast Cancer Awareness month to raise awareness where it is also desperately needed – in male breast cancer.

This doesn’t mean that if you don’t identify as male you can’t help out: It doesn’t cost you a thing to hit that reblog button and help towards defeating this terrible illness once and for all.

My dear followers, whatever your blog, whatever you’re doing, whatever importance you believe your life has, somewhere in the world there are a group of men who have left a tumour undiagnosed because they don’t believe men can get breast cancer. It is our responsibility to save those people from their lack of awareness, because we ourselves are, in fact, people. 

There is much wrong with the world, so let’s stop talking about it and start doing something about it. Start by sharing this, start by saving a life.

Tomorrow, it could be somebody you know.