I am considering myself pretty damn lucky. 

Small lump, removed. Lymph node removed for testing and it came back negative so the cancer hasn’t spread. And the morphine was great. I will get final confirmation of this in two weeks when I see the consultant. Apparently I saw him yesterday but I have absolutely no memory of this, or of telling the nurse in recovery to leave me alone because I didn’t like the look of him (that changed when he started pumping me full of morphine, I liked him a lot then). I’m drifting between being wide awake and heavily sedated, my underarm is swollen and bruised, I have no stitches on the outside but this amazing looking clear glue stuff that you can shower and bath with normally (bet it was developed by the military), my wee was bright blue from the dye they use to identify the lymph nodes attached to the breast, and Nate is doing an amazing job of not losing his temper with me.

All in all, it’s been a positive week. My blood tests came back showing a functioning liver despite New Year’s Eve/week. My blood oxygen was 99.6 despite the smoking. And I survived surgery and cancer.